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About Orthomol

Founded in 1991 Orthomol has become the leading producer of Orthomolecular supplements based on teachings of by Linus Pauling, twice winner of the Nobel Prize for his work based on the orthomolecular principle.

In 1992 the new company moved into offices and employed just two people, 2010 and the company has grow to be able to supply ten countries! 

World Foods Brand Management Ltd was established in 2006 to develop the sales of overseas and UK health products to various market sectors. WFBM is the UK distributor of Orthomol.

More on the principles of Orthomolecular medicine.

World Foods Brand Management Ltd Have currently two online shops www.healthy2u.co.uk and www.orthomolecular.co.uk, giving the public a chance to buy these fantastic health products if they are unable to find them from your local Healthstore / Pharmacy.

We hope you like our products, and we look forward to serving you in the near future!